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David JC Cutler is a knowledgeable and competent chief executive officer (CEO) and auditor with over 30 years of experience to his resume. He makes the best use of his unique ideas and applies exceptional solutions to a wide range of financial issues faced by private sector enterprises, whether it is a sole proprietorship firm or any billion-dollar corporations operating all over the world.

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About David JC Cutler

Mr. Cutler is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Capital LLC, a merchant banking company that specializes in identifying, relisting and completing reverse mergers for “abandoned” publicly quoted shell companies. Client companies that have been listed or relisted by Phoenix Capital, LLC include Aspeon, Inc., Atomic Paintball, Inc., Capital Resource Alliance, Inc., Golden Dragon Holding Corp, Quantech Electronics Crop., Southwestern Water Exploration Co., Torrent Energy Corp and USN Corp.

Mr. Cutler is currently the controlling shareholder, Chief Financial Officer of Alexandria Advantage Warranty Company, a Pink Sheet-quoted shell company seeking to become fully SEC reporting, settle all outstanding liabilities, and seek a reverse merger


David JC Cutler is eager to assist the poor students of the US, pursuing advanced studies in America. These students have financial challenges. David is associated with several philanthropic activities in the country, helping the middle-class or poor-income students who cannot pay for expensive college tuition fees in America. That is the reason why David has started the David JC Grant program to let students study in an accredited college or university in the US without worrying about money.

David JC Cutler is associated with Arthur Andersen and holds senior financial management posts with several reputed corporations operating globally for the last 20 years. Davidhas enhanced the necessary skills, which helped in providing diverse financial services as a CEO to medium and small-scale enterprises.

David JC Cutler has verified financial knowledge, technical skills, leadership abilities, and hands-on and entrepreneurial experience to resolve financial issues, no matter how complex, to help organizations realize their financial objectives and create value for the stakeholders in all circumstances.

David is keen to help your business as CEO or for that matter, support staff for a company’s chief financial officer. As far as his skill sets are concerned, David JC Cutler, include Audit review, chief financial officer services, a compilation of financial statements, complex financial reporting issues, growing startups, debt, and equity fundraising, IFRS accounting,  accounting, and tax planning for international operations, mergers, acquisitions, business valuations, as well as, tax returns.

David JC Cutler has learned many things, as far as his profession is concerned, financial knowledge, and skill sets. He has gained useful insights from his auditing and financial career through his many years of experience. David JC Cutler is enthusiastic and happy to assist the financially deprived students of the country, who are talented but unable to pay for the advanced degree courses of accredited colleges or universities in the US. That is why David JC Cutler has started the noble grant program to help the poor and middle-class students of the country.

David JC Cutler is a kind-hearted human with the noble cause of assisting students with the grant money. Though David has worked in top managerial positions in many reputed MNCs, he has the kindest nature to assist the poor students in the US, who have the dream to chase a rewarding career. This is only possible with advanced education in one of the popular and accredited colleges or universities of the United States.

Most of the American students do not come from affluent or rich backgrounds and therefore, cannot shell out on the expensive tuition fees of the colleges or universities of the country.

The charitable work of David JC Cutler has been successful because of his strong belief, endeavor, hard work, honesty, and pledge to the backward students of the US. That is why David has come up with the idea of the grant program to assist the most deserving and talented students of the country, facing financial obstacles.

David JC Cutler is aware of the higher education costs in American colleges or universities. The education fees being enormously high compared to the other nations of the world. The exorbitant college tuition fees place the students in a big challenge as far as their enrollment in the reputed US colleges or institutions is concerned. To be honest, the advanced education fees are difficult to pay for the students hailing from poor or middle-class backgrounds in the country.

David believes in humanitarian initiatives and is more than happy to announce the David JC Cutler grant program. The cash award of $1,000 will be offered to the most talented candidate, who pens the best easy on a given topic or prompt.

The grant money is one-time financial assistance or cash prize for the most brilliant and meritorious student who can compose an outstanding essay with a word limit of 700-850 words on a given theme. The topic is, “What are the greatest challenges you have faced in your lifetime, and how have you overcome them?”


Before a candidate applies for the David JC Cutler grant program, he or she needs to complete the required eligibility criteria. These include:

The US student needs to be enrolled at one of the accredited American colleges or universities.

The student should be a sophomore, a junior, or a freshman, and at present an enrolled graduate.

All students should pen an elaborate, engrossing, interesting, and informative essay of about 700-850 words on the prompt, “What are the greatest challenges you have faced in your lifetime, and how have you overcome them?”


The David JC Cutler grant money will be given to the talented and most bright students based on the essay assessments until the last date of submission, as detailed. The American students who can write an outstanding, elaborate, and engaging essay will win the reward money.


The David JC Cutler grantprogramis one-time reward money of $1,000 paid for one time.

How to apply

The David JC Cutler grant-based essay submissions need to be completed and emailed, as an attached WORD file to info@DavidJCCutlerGrant.com

The following details should be sent with the essays:

 . Name

· Telephone or Contact Number

· Mailing Address

· Email ID

· High School Graduation Date (YYYY.MM.DD)

· University or College you are studying

· Present GPA

· Brief Personal Bio-data


The last date for the David JC Cutler essay is on December 15, 2021, and the winner announcement of the recipient is on December 31, 2021.

The name of the winner will be published on this website www.DavidJCCutlerGrant.com

Winner selection

The final prizewinner, who writes the best essay, will be informed via a formal email. The said candidate must get in touch with David within a couple of weeks by responding to the email. The prize money to be sent right away to the student’s bank or grant aid account.

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